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Chinese Translation

Who says there’s no such thing as a cost-effective, timely Chinese translation? Our expert team takes the stress and worry out of the Chinese translation process, delivering outstanding results at a fair price. Call Responsive Translation (1-800-872-6752) for your free, no-obligation consultation.

For over 20 years, we’ve brought our expertise to Chinese translation and localization projects of all sizes. It does not matter if you need English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation, we have got it covered. We understand the pressures, deadlines and complex concerns that can come into play at every turn. From our offices across from the United Nations, we’ve worked with governments, international organizations and Fortune 500 companies to provide the best, most cost-effective Chinese translation services in the industry.

You can also send us the details using our convenient, completely secure web form. We offer quick delivery and competitive pricing for every project, regardless of scale or complexity. Give us a call at 1-800-872-6752 to learn more about our Chinese translation services.

Our Team

Our Chinese translators are carefully vetted for subject matter expertise and fluent Chinese speaking and writing style. All projects are completed using our proprietary ISO 9001 quality assurance process. Not only is this method the most reliable in the business, it’s also designed to ensure quick delivery at a reasonable price.

We deliver the highest quality of Chinese translation available, a claim backed up by our 2017 British Standards Institution audit. We were ranked first for customer satisfaction with a best-in-the-business NPS score of 97. Learn more about our process by calling Responsive Translation (1-800-872-6752) for your free, no-obligation consultation.

Total Chinese Language Solutions

Chinese translation is only one of the language solutions we provide for our clients. We have a full studio of services for Chinese web and marketing localization, Chinese TV and AV, for subtitle or dub, translated and localized for any market in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Call us at Responsive Translation (1-800-872-6752) to learn more.

Translating for a Chinese Audience

While it’s important in any translation or localization project to know your audience, cultural knowledge is particularly important in Chinese. There are huge regional differences in both spoken and written Chinese, presenting unique challenges for even the most experienced translators.

For instance, mainland China and Singapore use a simplified set of characters in their written language, while Taiwan uses the traditional character set. Few people are fully fluent in both, making it extremely important to use the right character set for the region.

Chinese also has seven major regional dialects, and many of these are distinct enough to be mutually unintelligible. While Mandarin is the official language of the People’s Republic of China, for instance, it’s not the primary language in Hong Kong. Your message will be much more effective in Hong Kong if it’s presented in the Yue (Cantonese) dialect, which also has its own unique character set.

There are other nuances as well, which can be difficult for people in the West to fully appreciate. Simply selecting the equivalent characters for a Chinese translation isn’t always appropriate, for instance, because each Chinese character has a variety of related meanings. Selecting the most “auspicious” Chinese characters for the right message and branding can be fun, but it also requires a native speaker from the region with a mastery of the language they’re translating from.

Understanding all of these complexities is what separates a good translator from a great one. Here at Responsive Translation (1-800-872-6752), we’re dedicated to providing you with the best, most cost-effective Chinese translations available. Call us today for your free, no-obligation consultation. When you need to translate English to Chinese or translate Chinese to English, we’re here.

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