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Net Promoter Score to Measure Results

Quality translations and customer satisfaction are what we strive for. Because our clients are the best judges of our work, client satisfaction is the core measure of our success and the key objective for every assignment. It is the primary measure we use to evaluate our performance on every translation project.

We use an NPS (Net Promoter Score) methodology to measure our results. We publish results quarterly, as part of a public, audited process we use to maintain our ISO Quality Assurance Management System certification. Learn more about ISO.

NPS score: 97 in 2017

How Good Is Our NPS Score?

The average NPS score for most US businesses is between 5 and 10%. But some of the best known names in the US have much higher scores. For example, Harley Davidson, famous for the loyalty of their customers, ranks near the top with an NPS score of 91%. This means that our customers are more enthusiastic about our translations than Harley riders are about their hogs.

That’s why we are leaders of the pack. And that’s why you will have a great experience working with Responsive Translation: we are the place you will get quality translations and good customer service.

How We Calculate Our NPS Score

After every job, we send our clients a simple one-question survey: “How likely is it that you would recommend Responsive Translation to a friend or colleague?”

We take that score and calculate the percentage of customers whose answers identify them as promoters (9 or 10) and subtract the percentage whose response indicates they are detractors (1 through 6).

A score of 7 or less in any survey automatically triggers an investigation by the CEO’s office as part of our ISO 9001 certified QA process for continuous quality improvement. After the investigation, a series of documented actions are taken to correct the issue and prevent similar problems in the future. This report is then provided to our clients for their review and comment.

Our rigorous QA guidelines and NPS process have helped boost the quality of our clients’ experience, which is unmatched in the translation industry. Our unrelenting commitment to a great client experience has also become a core value of our organization and has had a profound impact on the quality of the services we provide.

At Responsive Translation we are all about translation quality and customer satisfaction.

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