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Korean Translation

When it comes to translating and localizing into Korean, it helps to remember this old adage: 원숭이도 나무에서 떨어진다. “Even monkeys may fall from trees.”

Great Korean translation is about more than simply covering content from one language to another. It’s about communicating ideas accurately, and avoiding the simple mistakes that can cause huge headaches later in the process. A great Korean translation team will be passionate about making sure your message is clear and perfectly tailored to your audience. When translating into a rich, complex language like Korean, the details matter.

At Responsive Translation, we understand this. It does not matter if you need English to Korean translation or Korean to English translation, we have got it covered. Call us today for a free, no obligation and completely confidential consultation. You can also send your documents to us directly through our web form, and we’ll email you with a prompt response.

Our Team

No matter what your need, we have the Korean translators to help. We work with specialists in localizing Korean-language content for legal documents, diplomatic communications, business and finance contracts, audiovisual projects, medical packaging and marketing copy. Each of our Korean translators is in the top of their field, and each project passes through three experts in several rounds of editing and revision to ensure the highest standards.

This process has earned us one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any translation company, resulting in a British Standards Institution-verified NPS score of 97. Our quality assurance process meets ISO 9001 standards, allowing us to work on any international project. Our proprietary translation process can scale to meet your needs, no matter how large the project.

We deliver accurate, culturally appropriate Korean translations at a competitive price. Call us today at Responsive Translation to learn more.

Total Korean Language Solutions

Korea’s rapid emergence on the global stage has created a flood of Korean-translation services. Korean students often learn conversational English in school, allowing for an oversupply of low-cost translators producing low-quality results. When the future of your business or project is at stake, finding truly qualified Korean specialists to localize your message couldn’t be more important.

Careful recruitment of Korean linguists is key to your success. Good Korean language project managers are even rarer than great Korean translators, and we’ve made it our business to only work with the best. We carefully vet and test everyone on our projects.

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with the world’s most successful companies to provide outstanding Korean translation solutions. We’re able to provide real-time support in person, online, over the phone and in-country for any project. Our system includes a massive Korean glossary, continuously updated translation memory and a comprehensive style guide. Our focus on preparation and the pre-translation process allows us to offer the highest level of Korean translation at a competitive price.

At Responsive Translation’s Korean Translation Center (한국어 번역 센터), we offer special production workflows for web and software localization, printing and desktop publishing, and audiovisual production for subtitling and voiceover, each implemented with the same high standards as our human translation effort, so you don’t fall out of the tree.

Call us at 1-800-872-6752 (+1-212-355-4455 outside the United States) to learn more about our services, or simply get an instant online quote. When you need to translate English to Korean or translate Korean to English, we’re here.

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