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French Translation

At Responsive Translation, we’re always in search of “le bon mot.” It’s that perfect turn of phrase that says exactly the right thing in exactly the right way. As the leading French translation, interpretation and localization service in North America, we have plenty of opportunities to find it.

For the past 20 years, we’ve offered a full suite of fast, accurate and culturally appropriate French translation services for some of the best-known names in global business and international affairs. Our offices are across the street from the United Nations, where French is one of the official languages, allowing us to work with some of the highest-level government and business projects in the world.

We’ve built teams of subject matter experts in business, law, policy, medical packaging, life science, marketing and many more. Our French translation teams are completely comfortable working in any industry, and use the latest quality assurance systems to ensure accurate and consistent translation. It does not matter if you need English to French translation or French to English translation, we have got it covered.

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Our Team

Our French translators are among the best in the world. Working in teams of three, they use translation memory resources and industry glossaries prior to translation, and then pass every document through a three-stage process of translation, editing and proofing. These steps are repeated as many times as needed until the resulting translation is perfectly polished.

Because our system is continuously improving, we’re able to provide exceptionally accurate translations at an extremely competitive price. We’re ISO 9001 certified, and we can work with any scope of project. Our French translators are available to work in almost any setting, from phone calls and Skype to in-country and in-person work.

This high level of quality has been noticed by our clients. In 2016, they ranked us first for customer service in French translation and interpretation, with an NPS score of 94 for 2016. That result was audited by the British Standards Institution, making us one of the highest rated translation companies in the industry.

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Total French Language Solutions

French is a truly global language, spoken not only in France itself, but in 28 other countries ranging from Haiti to Vanuatu. At least 75 million people speak French as their primary language, and as many as 338 million speak it conversationally. A message in French is one that can be heard around the globe.

We’ve worked with every French-language project imaginable over the past two decades, and in that time we’ve learned some important lessons. For instance, Canada is the only country where dialect differences are significant, and careful attention must be paid to avoid mixing Canadian French with the Metropolitan French spoken in the rest of the world. Even the hint of a Québecois accent in the voice of a recording talent or an interpreter can bring the session to a screeching halt if anyone from France should be listening in.

Another indirect lesson from translating French is something many of our customers don’t consider until talking to us: French is verbose. Like all Romance languages, French tends to be less concise than English, and translated text can take up significantly more layout space. This is particularly important in audio and video production, as longer scripts take more time to read, and can even throw off timing if not properly handled.

For these reasons, and many more, it’s important to work with true French translation experts when translating or localizing into French. Specialists in business, engineering, life sciences and other fields can ensure that your translation says exactly what it needs to, and in the right way. “Le bon mot,” if you will.

Does that sound challenging? Maybe it is, but it’s something we do every day. Call 1-800-872-6752 or contact us by email to discuss your next French translation project. We are always happy to share expertise without any obligation. Of course, the easiest way to get your French translation is to get an instant quote. Merci!

When you need to translate English to French or translate French to English, we’re here.

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