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Spanish Survey Translation

Would you like your survey translated into Spanish, but must retain equivalence and comparability?

Additional survey audiences translate into bigger sample sizes, bigger revenue streams, but also greater opportunities for error. When the psychometric properties of an original English survey are just right, a word-for-word translation into another language will undoubtedly destroy them. Effective Spanish survey translation requires the right mix of linguistic, cultural, testing instrument and subject matter expertise.

That’s where Responsive Translation can help, rendering your survey into flawless Spanish and maintaining 100% survey integrity.

Types of Spanish for Survey Translation

When watching a movie, do you prefer to watch US movies or Scottish movies? Which type of movie would you understand better? Not every person comprehends something in the same way, especially with reference to something outside their culture and experience. By the same token, for greater comprehension and the best results possible, the most effective Spanish survey translation requires choosing the particular type of Spanish that meet the needs of your audience. This may include:

  1. A national variety of Spanish. (A rose is not necessarily a rose is not necessarily a rose.) Like US English, UK English and South African English, Spanish has many different region-specific varieties of the same language, such as Castilian Spanish (as spoken in Spain), Mexican Spanish, Argentine Spanish and Peruvian Spanish. Spanish pronunciation and vocabulary vary greatly from country to country, with many innocuous words in one nation becoming highly sexualized in another; there are even some grammatical variations among countries as well. Using a national variety of Spanish is the best choice for Spanish surveys destined for specific national audiences.
  2. US Spanish. There are Spanish speakers in the United States with roots and influences from a range of Spanish-speaking countries and backgrounds. However, the de facto standard of US Spanish has been heavily shaped by Mexican Spanish as well as English. Spanish-speaking audiences in the US are often better served by Spanish survey translation into US Spanish.
  3. International Spanish. Lacking country- and region-specific cultural references that may confuse some survey takers, surveys that use a more international form of Spanish are designed to be as culturally neutral as possible so that in a multicultural context, Spanish speakers from a wider range of Spanish-speaking countries may successfully participate in the survey. However, since international Spanish is a relatively artificial construction, it is typically most appropriate for wide-scale surveys where creating and administering several national variety versions is unfeasible.

Your survey may be different though. As a strategic partner, Responsive Translation can advise you on how to achieve balance and equivalency for your particular survey.

Experts in Spanish Survey Translation

For more than 20 years, Responsive Translation has been providing high-stakes translation, adaptation, validation and review services in more than 150 languages and dialects. However, most of our work involves Spanish translation, including surveys for recruitment, training, development, testing, assessment and clinical use.

In addition to our linguistic, cultural, testing instrument and subject matter expertise for expert Spanish survey translation, Responsive Translation offers unparalleled quality assurance for all projects. Based on ISO 9001-certified processes, we use customized workflows, advanced terminology management and triple-check QA to deliver work that we guarantee for accuracy as well as customer satisfaction.

Next Steps

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