Shoot the Boer

by Translation Guy on May 27, 2011

Call it incitement to murder? Boers are the descendants of Dutch who fought the Xhosa for centuries for control of the veldt of South Africa. Bad blood is boiling ever since ANCYL (African National Congress Youth League) President Julius Malema added a catchy little number to his vocal set, which, despite court order, he was still singing on April 1. Catch it on YouTube here, with this headline: “ANCYL president Julius Malema has defied a court ruling and has sung the revolutionary song ‘Kill the Boer’ with a twist….the youth leader made some adjustments to the lyrics and sang ‘Dubula ibhunu (Shoot the Boer)’ and then ‘Kiss the Boer’.” (Huh?)

I took the lyrics through translation memory and we got very good repetition, since the two phrases “shoot the Boer” and “shoot shoot” accounted for around 80% of the whole project, which is a very good rate of repetition, but I suppose in part because of the monotony of the lyrics, the defense argued that it wasn’t the word that was upsetting people, but the translation, because it meant something different to the Boers than it did to the Zulu. Which I guess, if you think about it, is like telling the turkey you’re having him for dinner. It all depends on your perspective. Gravy anyone?

Here you go. Anyway, as I was saying. There are plenty that were upset by Malema’s vocalizations, including Johannesburg Judge Leon Halgryn of the High Court, whose own interpretation went like this: “the publication and chanting of the words ‘dubula ibhunu,’ prima facie satisfies the crime of incitement to murder.”

But the judge sitting the case, Collin Lamont, didn’t buy the other judge’s ruling, saying, “I think I should ignore it.” In closing arguments, he acknowledged that the translation of the song lyrics “dubula ibhunu” as “shoot the Boer” was what was upsetting people, but it might translate differently for the audience listening to it. “It is common cause that [shoot the Boer] could be the translation, but we can’t say it is the proper translation,” he observed, Solomon-like. The judge noted that words sung in a particular language might have a certain meaning to one audience and another to a different audience.

Here’s an unscientific poll I found online.

What do you think of the song “Shoot the Boer” as sung by Malema?

  • Dangerous and likely to incite some people 32.35%
  • South Africa is a democracy and there is no need for those songs 17.65%
  • It amounts to hate speech 27.88%
  • Struggle songs help people to remember the spirit of resistance that led to South Africa’s transition to democracy 17.65%
  • I’m not sure 4.47%


  1. Teresa Wolf says:

    South Africa was essentially unpopulated when Europeams arrived. The blacks who are there are there because whites made it possible for them to live there.

    • To previous writer. You have got to me kidding me. This is a completely racist and historically inaccurate statement. What is now South Africa was hardly unpopulated. The Dutch encountered the Khoi Khoi, whom they enslaved and killed immediately upon arriving in what is now Cape Town in 1652. Europeans waged genocide against the indigenous people of South Africa. Your white supremacy blinds you to the painful history of South Africa–and indeed the making of the modern world.

  2. Sunny Nelson says:

    I used to be such a romantic about Rhodesia and South Africa. I had longed to live there. In fact when a friend went to Rhodesia to fight the terrs I envied him. Sadly he lost his life to a landmine and in one sense he never had to suffer the disappointment, the appalling reality of the beautiful land handed over to the black marxists. When South Africa joined with the English and the Americans in destroying Rhodesia I scarcely could credit it. Yet it did happen.

    I had been so impressed how those immaculately uniformed Boer and English SA Policemen were able to keep a lid on that nations creatures. Then something happened.
    Years of Jews like Helen Suzman, the Oppenheimers, Joe Slovo, and the SABC and the newspapers took their toll.

    Perhaps. Perhaps the genetic stock had become tainted, degraded over the years, like American whites. In any event in 1994 Whites voted their own genocide in RSA.

    Just as 45% of the whites in America did in November 2008.

    This is about evolution.

  3. Mamie says:

    Look i believe that this country does belong to the blacks, it is there country. Whites DON’T belong here. We all where placed in certain parts of the world then of course our ancestors had to get itchy feet and go shipping off all over the world and intrude on other countries.

  4. Tracy Willis says:

    I have a very close friend who is an Afrikaner emigre in England. Because of her I have investigated the situation in SA.

    As a student of history, my advice to Afrikaners is to get out. You are as doomed as the white farmers in Zimbabwe. Perhaps you are too close to see, but from this distance it couldn’t be more clear. There is a tidal wave heading your direction, and nothing will stop it. There is no escaping the ultimate outcome, which will be either genocide or mass pauperizaton and emigration at gunpoint.

    If you care deeply about preserving your culture, the only option is to create enclaves in either Australia or the United States. Perhaps that is not practical. In that case, save yourself and your family. Liquidate any any assets you have and move to one of those places. Never mind the loss you take on those assets – to the extent they are in the form of realproperty they are doomed anyway.

    BTW, I am not a racist. My heart goes out to the black Africans who are doomed in another way, to live in hopeless kleptocracies run by and for gangs of thugs. I can’t do a damned thing for them, though, and they don’’t care what I think. No reason for you to care, either, but perhaps someone might appreciate a dispassionate view from afar.

    Best wishes, and sorry for the gloominess of this epistle, but it’s the truth that’s gloomy, my friends.

  5. We in the U.S. have had forty-five million non-whites rammed down our throats in the past twenty-five years including twenty-two million Mexican illegals no one wanted but Bush insisted on letting in for some strange perverted reason no one understands—and we can’t get three million Boers out of the ANC South African hellhole at U.S. government expense, Boers who are our color, our kin, our co-religionists, and the most decent, hard-working, productive, salt-of-the-earth folk?

  6. Charlie says:

    God does not want people to suffer. He loves all races and nationalities. And God wants people to be truly happy. But true peace and happiness can only come from obeying His laws and commandments. God wants the people of South Africa and the world to obey Him. If they would, blessings of peace and prosperity would result. A basic theme of the Bible is blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. Unfortunately, because of disobedience, the curses will keep on coming.

  7. South Africa is rapidly barreling down Zimbabwe Road, and unfortunately the same road heads to Rwanda. The farmers may be the first to get run over, but all South Africans should worry. Just look at what has happened in virtually every country north of the border..

  8. South African white farmers and industrialists should not bask in the comfort that their country is called “democratic.” The power of the masses is too strong; especially the majority masses.

  9. Coco says:

    That’s a terrible and racist song.

  10. Julia says:

    This is so sad, I can’t believe that this nonesense is still going on in SA.. It makes me never want to return to this beautful country.

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