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Why Work with Responsive Translation?

As the language service provider ranked first for customer satisfaction in the translation industry, we know that happy clients are created by happy employees.

Our Mission: Translate for global client satisfaction.

Our Values: Honesty, diligence, open-mindedness, respect and gratitude to all.

That’s the background for everything we do. If you share our values and are looking for a translation job or to work for a dynamic translation company, please reply using the links below.

Current Openings:

Sales Manager

Seeking accomplished sales leader trained in consultative sales process with demonstrated experience in winning six-figure-plus engagements with Fortune 500 firms to increase revenue and grow a sales organization for salary, commission and ownership shares of a privately held company. Click here to submit a resume and cover letter.

Business Development Administrator/Inside Sales

The business development administrator will assist the sales department in identifying and qualifying sales prospects using a program of email, social media linking and phone research to develop a list of qualified prospects for the sales team. This is a remote position. The successful candidate should reside in a North American or South American time zone. A great opportunity for someone interested in mastering the consultative sales process to earn big commissions working at home. Click here to submit a resume and cover letter.

Freelance Project Managers

Seeking freelance project managers to work on a temporary and/or part-time basis for contract work. Project managers will be responsible for handling all aspects of a translation engagement, which may include desktop publishing, audiovisual or software localization tasks to ensure a great customer experience and a high-quality deliverable prepared in an ISO 9001 QA environment. We are looking for people with the skillsets and colloquial fluency in English best suited to the needs of our Fortune 500 clientele. Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a history of marshaling diverse teams for great outcomes. This is a remote assignment, but candidates should reside in a North or South American time zone. The successful candidate will be able to offer a robust IT presence that will ensure reliable and uninterrupted communication with clients and other team members. Knowledge of Trados is a must. Experience in pre- and post-edited machine translation workflows is a valuable plus. Click here to submit a resume and cover letter.

Sales Lead Commissions (Yes, this means you.)

If you’re a translator with a job that’s too big for you to handle, send it to us. We’ll work out a compensation plan for you before we engage with your client. You can be confident that the great service we provide will do you proud. Hundreds of our affiliates have taken advantage of this offer over the years to make extra money without extra work. Click here to submit a resume and cover letter.

Freelance Linguists / Translation Jobs

Linguists seeking contract positions are welcome to submit their resume via the link below. This is the only channel to solicit us for translator jobs and interpreter assignments. Our project managers draw from this pool when assembling new translation teams. So you may be hearing from us with a job offer or other offers that we may think will be of value to you as a professional translator or interpreter. Click here to submit a resume and cover letter. No samples, please. We are also actively seeking linguists experienced in the post edit of machine translation.