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Managing Quality with an ISO Certified Medical Translation Company

Are you looking for a medical translation company that meets stringent quality standards?

Certified for ISO 9001, Responsive Translation is an expert provider of life sciences translation and takes nothing more serious than quality assurance.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from over 110 countries. The ISO 9000 family of standards for quality management and quality assurance represents an international consensus on the key components of a quality management system.

At Responsive Translation, quality assurance planning is incorporated into every milestone of a medical translation and localization project in order to successfully deliver a product that meets the expectations of both the client and the intended audience. Since quality in translation is sometimes subjective and evaluation is at times relative, establishing shared quality objectives is critical to the success of the product and thus the services we deliver as an ISO certified medical translation company.

Operationally, we measure the quality of our work using a proprietary version of the LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) QA metric. But our main ISO measurement is based on the feedback we get from our clients. Improving the client experience is the fundamental intention of an ISO-certified process and the fundamental measure of success for such a program.

To measure customer satisfaction, we survey our clients upon completion of every job, using an NPS (Net Promoters Score) metric. This QA method is also carefully audited, updated quarterly and posted on our website.

Responsive Translation is ranked number one for customer satisfaction in the entire translation industry, which we believe demonstrates the success of our quality assurance management process and as an ISO certified medical translation company.

We encourage you to get in touch and discuss your translation and localization requirements at 1-800-872-6752 (+1-212-355-4455 outside the US) or

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