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Patient Education Materials Translation

Are you looking to translate your patient education materials?

In North America, the number of individuals with limited English proficiency is growing. Like their English-speaking counterparts, they require access to health care at hospitals and clinics and they may choose to participate in clinical trials. At the same time, there are more legal mandates than ever to provide information to patients and subjects in the language they understand best, even if that language isn’t English.

Patient education materials are a key component in health literacy and improving patient outcomes, as well as in achieving and maintaining legal and regulatory compliance when dealing with human health. Patient education materials inform patients and subjects about their conditions, rights and options, as well as viable prevention measures, and assist them in making important decisions about their health.

When it comes to health and foreign languages, Responsive Translation is a strategic partner in providing accurate, clinically valid translation that is both legally and regulatory compliant.

What Needs to Be Translated?

Patient education materials take many forms, such as brochures, instructions, checklists, notices, guides, fact sheets, trackers and logs. Depending on where your organization is located and the specific populations you serve, the forms you are required to translate, and into which languages, may vary.

Some common examples of patient materials include: disease guides, fact sheets, notice of privacy practices, electronic health records notices, Medicare information, advance directives, pre symptom trackers, risk tests, pre surgery checklists, post operative instructions, chronic care management information and prescription medicine instructions.

We can also help you assess which materials will require translation, and into which languages, to appropriately satisfy current legal and regulatory requirements.

Translation Experts

For more than 20 years, Responsive Translation has been providing translation, validation and review services in over 150 languages and dialects for clinical trials and hospital and clinical practices.

Together with our teams of specialist translators and reviewers, we use ISO 9001-certified processes, rigorous quality assurance workflows and advanced terminology management. This ensures that we deliver quality work every day, yet allows us to work up to 60% faster than agency competitors.

Next Steps

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