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Hospital Translation Services

Communication saves lives when it comes to health care. Patients can relate their symptoms to aid in getting a proper diagnosis from a health care professional. Patients can read materials to help them stay healthy, such as reminders of the dos and don’ts after surgery.

What happens when patients don’t speak English in a US hospital? Studies show that there is a high chance of costly and preventable medical errors unless hospitals are properly equipped to serve all their patients – and in the languages they speak. That’s why hospitals across the nation have come to trust Responsive Translation’s range of translation solutions and their expert medical translators and interpreters.

The Demand for Health Care in a Foreign Language

The ability to provide patients with foreign-language access to health care in an effective, efficient and cost-effective manner is a growing concern for many hospitals, particularly in California, Texas, New York and Hawaii, where many non-English speakers live. The demand for foreign-language services in hospitals is expected to increase due to a combination of demographic trends and legal obligations.

Since 1990, there has been a marked rise in the number of limited English proficient (LEP) individuals in the United States. 25.1 million people, or 8% of the total US population, do not speak English very well, according to data from the US Census Bureau 2013 American Community Survey. This includes both foreign-born and native-born individuals.

In the United States, hospitals have a legal obligation to offer foreign-language access to limited English proficient patients. Hundreds of laws at the federal, state and local levels mandate hospitals provide health care to patients in their own language.

Hospital Solutions for Better Patient Care

Responsive Translation helps hospitals extend their current offerings to make patient care and patient outcomes better for all foreign-language speakers.

We provide professional, confidential and HIPAA-compliant translation and interpretation services. Some of the patient forms and materials we translate include: patient brochures, patient handbooks, aftercare instructions, informed consent forms, medical records, denial letters and hospital communications. For decades, we’ve been serving hospitals and health care providers throughout North America.

Responsive Translation’s translators and reviewers are medical specialists and subject matter experts, as well as native speakers of the target language. For every project we apply rigorous quality assurance workflows that ensure the best translation possible.

We also recruit and provide qualified in-person medical interpreters as well as 24/7 medical interpretation via telephone in more than 150 languages.

Next Steps

If you would like more information about Responsive Translation’s capabilities and range of hospital translation services, or to receive a customized proposal, please contact us at 1-212-355-4455 or Hospital translation services are our specialty.

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