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The First Choice for Hospital Translation

Translation for hospitals is what we do. Responsive Translation’s medical interpretation and translation services have become the first choice for hundreds of hospitals and clinical practices across the United States for the last two decades.

People of limited English proficiency (LEP) are entitled to the same level of care as English speakers, regardless of the language they speak.

Thanks to growing immigration from around the world, the ad hoc Spanish/English translation model no longer meets the need. Changing immigration is bringing many different languages to American hospitals and clinics. Nowadays translation for hospitals is required in a variety of languages.

The Three Most Important Translation Tips for Caregivers:

1. T.T.T. Take Time to Translate for patients with limited English.
2. Use trained medical translators and interpreters only.
3. Make translation available anytime and anywhere by phone.

The Three Most Important Things to Know About Our Service:

1. We are ISO 9001 certified for continuous quality improvement, which has allowed us to refine translation best practice for a great customer experience.
2. Our audited client satisfaction index is the highest in the world among language service providers.
3. For two decades across the street from the United Nations, our medical translation group has provided translation services to UPMC, MSKCC, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Group, St. Vincent’s Hospital and hundreds of other facilities around the country. Public health clients include the WHO, CDC, New York State and New York City Departments of Health, Children’s Oncology Group, National Cancer Care Network, and many others.

What Needs Translation?

Translation for hospitals is not one size fits all. Translation requirements differ from institution to institution; however, the items listed below are the kinds of documents most commonly translated by our hospital clients. It may be useful for your own planning.

Vital Documents

Vital documents are documents that must be translated based on the threshold requirements of the patient population. Vital documents include:

– Consent Forms
– Release of Information (ROI) Forms
– Waivers (Coverage, Medicaid, Other)
HIPAA Notices
– Discharge Instructions
– Interpreter Services Available Notices
– Advanced Directives

Essential Documents

Essential documents are specific department or unit documents that should be translated based on the threshold requirements of the patient population. Essential documents include:

– Patient Handbooks
– Medical Procedure Documents
– Health Assessment Documents
– Pain Scale Documents
– Post-Partum Consents
– Educational Materials

Support Documents

Support documents are documents a facility may consider translating based on the threshold requirements of the patient population. Support documents include:

– Marketing Materials
– Community Outreach Materials
– Notices
– Web Content

Hospital and Medical Translation Service Goals at Responsive Translation:

1. Great client experience
2. Fast and accurate
3. Specialist expertise for medical translation

We make translation for hospitals our business.

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