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High-Quality Translation for Tests

When it comes to testing in another language, the question comes down to true/false. A. Ensure that the foreign-language version is a product of a high-quality translation and adaptation process designed for high-stakes tests. B. Throw your test out with the trash. Choose one.

Testing instruments are an important tool in assessing a person’s knowledge about a particular subject. They are used at all levels of education as well as in many career fields. Futures may depend on the results of a particular test. That’s why test takers deserve a fair chance at demonstrating what they know – no matter what language they speak – and test administrators require a defensible process to make it so. However, test translation isn’t a simple matter of word-for-word translation, which is why most translation providers aren’t equipped to handle such an important responsibility.

High-quality translation for tests means accuracy, equivalence and validity, the three pillars upon which Responsive Translation approaches every test translation.

We make sure that each translated and adapted test is relevant, meaningful and correct for the language and culture of the target audience. We effectively express the test content in the same way as the original, paying special attention to conceptual equivalence, item equivalence and psychometric comparability. The translated and adapted test is understood by the target audience in the intended way and it measures what the original test set out to measure. It is also readable and natural in flow and style, adapted for accessibility and clarity.

Expert Testing Services

You’ll find that high-quality translation for tests is a trusted product from experienced, specialized providers like Responsive Translation. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing translation, adaptation, validation and review services to the testing industry and high-stakes clients, such as Pearson, ACT, P&G and IHG.

We know it’s the right people and processes that will make your translation a success. Starting with a customized workflow, your dedicated Responsive Translation project manager will assemble a highly-experienced team composed of specialist translators, translation editors, subject matter experts and psychometricians. Every step of the way, your project will receive triple-check QA. Our testing expertise and rigorous quality assurance is what sets us apart from other providers. That’s why we guarantee our translations for accuracy and customer satisfaction. Are you ready to achieve high-quality translation for tests?

Next Steps

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