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Giving Thanks. Thanks Giving. Feels good. And it’s not just tryptophan-laced turkey. Gratitude just feels good.

The Thanksgiving algorithm is blessedly as simple as a knee-jerk reaction: We must give. We must accept the gift. We must give back. As simple as a flower turning to face the sun, and yet the power of giving makes our world go round. 

Gratitude and generosity are the pay-off. Sweet. 

How nice we have a holiday to celebrate this existential fundamental. 
So thank you!

And pass the word. Our gratitude for this one small bit of code that drives the engine of love. Let us give thanks for that, on Thanksgiving Day and all days. 

– The Responsive Translation Team

Spanish Best Practices: How You Can Achieve the Best Spanish Translation Possible for Tests and Assessments [White Paper]

Successful translations that work for all stakeholders depend on making informed decisions from the beginning. From choosing the best type of Spanish for your test or assessment to the translation and adaptation team who can secure your test’s psychometric properties, here is what you need to know. […]

What Happens When the Dying Need Medical Interpreters? [LinkedIn Post]

End-of-life conversations are tough. I remember my grandfather’s farewell. I recall the burning rage my sister felt before her early death. With my cancer-prone family and their lives cut short, I’ve had to become somewhat of an expert in this kind of bad news. Thankfully though I have never had to be the messenger. […]

The Best Way to Check If a Translation Is Okay: The Translation Checkers’ Kit [White Paper]

Translations need checking, just like any writing. Just because your translator says it’s flawless doesn’t make it so. You just have to check. Or better yet, have it checked by someone you are sure speaks and writes the source and target languages fully, understands the subject and knows about translation. Here you can learn how to do it like the pros do. Share these instructions with your team to make the chore of checking translations as easy as pie. […]

Free Thanksgiving Gift

Free gift! Those magic words go great with any holiday. Especially Thanksgiving, so we wanted to give you something special. Like our hidden talent? Like the kind of a hidden talent that only our most special customers ever get to experience. An audit. A language audit. I know… hot, right? No? Stay with me on this…

Free Gift Translation Audit

You may have a nasty little translation secret hiding in plain sight, an egg-on-embarrassment to you and your company. You trust. But we say, “Trust but verify, baby.”
We’ll check it out for free, do a formal linguistic audit. When we’re done, you won’t just know that your translation sucks, you’ll know why too.

Riding in on a Trojan Horse

This isn’t about trashing perfectly fine translations. Not the way we roll. Our reputation is on the line too. We’ve got to do showcase work which means we play nice with others. Our work will stand in a harmonization contest if you want to go that far. 
We’ll do a page or so for free, which may help you to identify errors and access QA processes that could have a big impact no matter who you work with. We’ll provide a custom plan before we begin. Send us an email here if you are interested or want to learn more about this offer. Please hang on to this in case you or someone you know has a problem in the future.

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