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High-Stakes Translation

Machine translation is a joke no more. New technology is making machine translation better and better. Where it used to be more expensive to edit a machine translation than to do a human translation from scratch, for many applications that is no longer the case. 

Not so for audio though. Machine translation still currently sucks at telephone interpreting. Machine translation engines just don’t get along with voice recognition engines yet. 

“You know we are still quite a ways from that fully functioning universal translator when even Microsoft admits that using Skype Translator will result in a ‘clear negative impact’ on conversation,” says Slator in the article “How Translation Gadgets Overpromise and Underdeliver.” A clear negative impact? When translated from Microsoft’s corporate speak that means, “Yeah. We know Skype Translator still really sucks.”

But that’s okay. So John Henry-like, our qualified and experienced interpreters are still driving translation steel on the phones at 1-800-872-6752 (that spells out 1-800-Translate by the way) servicing our clients in any of 200 languages.

Have you tried our telephone interpreting services yet? To communicate the right way in a foreign language today, you can still count on our human interpreters.

– The Responsive Translation Team

The Real-Life Inspiration for Lost in Translation Film

Have you seen those bizarre ads starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a genie in a bottle or Leonardo DiCaprio as a credit-card wielding hero? Probably not, since these strange ads were originally made for Japanese audiences and hidden from Western ones. Here you can take a look at some of the ads that were the real-life inspiration for Bill Murray’s “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time” in the film Lost in Translation.

How to Create Elearning Content for Multiple Languages

Have you ever seen elearning courses that were created in English and then translated into other languages as an afterthought? Chances are the results weren’t altogether pleasing or effective for learners, and psychometrics be damned.

Why We Love to Translate English to Japanese

English is my native language, but Japanese is the language that is close to my heart, my family and our family business. I met Yoko, our CEO, in Japan close to 40 years ago.

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