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Medical Software Translation

Do you require medical software translation that is as accurate as it is regulatory compliant? Chances are, your users and investors are depending on it.

With advances in emedicine technology, medical software translation requirements proliferate as a global solution to a global problem. Medical software works in conjunction with a medical device to treat or diagnose a growing number of medical conditions, or it can stand alone as a medical device. It also includes an increasing number of mobile applications that require error-free emedical user interface translation and rigorous linguistic testing for each additional market.

Why Translate Medical Device Software?

Medical software is key for both users and health care professionals, as medical software today monitors a wide range of data types and monitors and regulates an increasing number of biological characteristics. But with greater complexity and more widespread use, the risks are greater too. One well-known incident involved patient overdoses because of bad software design in a medical device used for radiation therapy. The worst nightmare for a medical device manufacturer!

Regulatory authorities today, such as the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medical Device Directive, increasingly extend their purview to medical software. Not only must medical software function correctly, but users and health care providers in every territory where it is marketed need to know how to use the medical software in the way it was intended.

This typically calls for thorough user interface translation, testing and other services, which is where Responsive Translation can help.

Medical Device Services

Responsive Translation is ISO 9001 certified and we adhere to all relevant international quality management systems. With more than 20 years of translation, localization and review experience, Responsive Translation proudly serves medical device manufacturers and other compliance-intensive companies every day.

With our specialized translators and localization experts in over 150 languages and dialects, together with our rigorous validation and quality assurance workflows, we help medical device manufacturers capture new markets safely and profitably.

Find out how Responsive Translation can help keep your medical device users healthy, your regulators happy and your bottom line on track today.

Next Steps

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