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EU Regulatory Translation for Medical Devices

When it comes to medical devices and pharmaceutical products, great translation is all about protecting consumers in the European Union and satisfying regulatory rules. Are you looking for a better and faster way to achieve those goals in any European language?

As you know, healthcare products are everyday miracles: they can save lives and improve people’s quality of life with just the swallowing of a tablet or simple use of a device. But safety is paramount. European consumers need to be able to understand how to use those products and regulatory bodies need to know that consumers are well served by the marketing of that product within their territory. There is simply no room for translation error in labels, protocols, instructions for use (IFUs) and other important materials for marketing pharmaceutical products in the European Union.

Responsive Translation can help.

EU Regulations Simplified

Responsive Translation is a leading provider of EU regulatory translation. We work closely with clients to ensure that translations meet or exceed regulatory standards in any country of the European Union. Regulatory rules change regularly, but we save clients time and improve success rates by keeping on top of the latest requirements.

Experience That Matters

Our team has decades of experience helping to bring medical devices and pharmaceutical products to market in the European Union. Some of our clients include Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer. And with every project, we put our experience to work for you from the planning stage to final delivery.

Medical Experts

Responsive Translation’s project managers rely on only the best people for this type of high-stakes translation – specialized experts who work with speed and accuracy. Our pharmaceutical translators have years of experience translating medical and pharmaceutical materials, have specialized backgrounds in medicine or translation, and are native speakers of the target language. To increase accuracy, our translators use terminology databases and translation memories. We also use the latest in translation technology. As a result, our translators work up to 60% faster than our competitors. Then after the translation work is done, it is triple-checked by editors and quality assurance reviewers – all bound by non-disclosure agreements. We believe in quality and safety.

When you want to bring medical devices and pharmaceutical products to market in the European Union, Responsive Translation is your trusted partner for better and faster translations.

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