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Patient Guides Translation

The easiest way to improve patient compliance for a clinical trial at home or abroad is by accurately translating patient guides and other relevant materials. And when a participating center is located abroad, translation is often a legal requirement.

The Benefits of Translating Patient Guides

Patient volunteers who participate in clinical trials help advance our knowledge of human health, such as whether a particular drug is safe or effective as a medical treatment. Studies show that patients are eager to comply with clinical trial instructions and they genuinely want clinical trials to succeed. Efforts to increase patient understanding of clinical trial processes, translating patient guides and related content, help patients to comply with instructions and effectively contribute to the clinical trial process.

For best results, however, patient information must be presented in the language a patient understands best. Language barriers are barriers to advancing science, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Responsive Translation is here to help you improve patient compliance as well as meet the legal requirements and create a defensible process.

Expert Clinical Services

Are you looking for the right translation? Responsive Translation offers consistently error-free translation, validation and review services that are guaranteed for quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why we have a Net Promoter Score of 97 for 2017, ranked first for customer satisfaction among language service providers globally, as audited by BSI.

For over 20 years, Responsive Translation has been providing accurate clinical and life science translation to pharmaceutical companies, CROs and other organizations in over 150 languages and dialects.

Our ISO 9001-certified processes, customized workflows and advanced terminology management help us to work up to 60% faster than agency competitors without sacrificing quality. However, the heart of our work remains our large network of highly-qualified translators and subject matter experts who specialize in clinical services.

Next Steps

To discuss your translation requirements for patient guides, or to receive more information about Responsive Translation’s suite of clinical translation and review services, please contact us at +1-212-355-4455 or

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