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Patient Forms Translation

Do you require accurate translation of patient forms to stay compliant with changing clinical and regulatory standards?

Good clinical practice and an increasing number of legal mandates demand that patients and subjects are able to participate in the health care process and understand the health information and options presented to them. This holds true for hospitals and clinical practices as well as clinical trials.

Patient forms are an important tool for gathering health information as well as consent for participation, treatment, etc. Translating patient forms allows patients and subjects to more fully engage in health decisions that affect them, but it also provides clinics and researchers with a documented, legally defensible approach to serving non-English speakers and individuals with limited English proficiency.

Responsive Translation has helped many clients in the United States with their patient forms translation, delivering accuracy, compliance and customer satisfaction.

What Forms Need to Be Translated?

Depending on the populations you serve and where, a number of forms may need to be translated into one or more languages. However, if you’re not sure, we can advise you on your organization’s particular obligations.

Otherwise, common forms to translate for clinical trials are: the informed consent form, patient registration form, patient instructions form and research participant payment request form.

Due to the broader nature of hospital and clinical practices, there are often more forms that need to be translated, which may include the following:

  • patient registration form
  • adult health history form
  • pediatric health history form
  • acknowledgment of admission and financial obligations
  • financial assistance application
  • assignment of insurance benefits
  • permission to disclose private health information
  • authorization for treatment
  • permission to treat a minor child
  • sports health questionnaire
  • screening for immunizations
  • specialty questionnaires such as a gynecology questionnaire or a cardiology questionnaire
  • health care proxy form
  • patient records request form

Expert Clinical Services

For sharing accurate information with patients and to meet clinical and regulatory compliance requirements, Responsive Translation is here to help. We have over 20 years of experience providing translation, validation and review for clinical trials, hospitals and clinical practices.

Combining ISO 9001-certified processes and rigorous quality assurance workflows with our hand-picked network of highly-qualified translators, subject matter experts and reviewers, we provide expert translation, validation and review services in over 150 languages and dialects.

Next Steps

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