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Patient Diary Translation

Clinical trials gather data on the safety and efficacy of drugs, treatments and medical devices to advance medical knowledge and bring new therapies to market. Patient participation is an important part of this process. Clinical researchers employ different tools such as patient diaries to track patients’ conditions and progress, monitor treatment compliance and provide a documentary basis for claims.

Using patient diaries to measure primary outcomes helps reduce recall bias and more accurately monitor relevant factors such as changes in daily activities and the duration of treatment effects. In fact, 25% of all US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trials include patient diaries.

Inside a Patient Diary

Patient diaries contain qualitative information concerning patient experiences. Patients are asked to record what they did, what they felt, what they observed or other relative data related to the clinical trial. Patients are typically instructed to record this information at different intervals of time, such as every day or throughout the day, or when specific events occur. Depending on the clinical trial and the types of participants involved, patients may be asked to complete multiple-choice questions or provide more free-form responses to directed questions. The data might be collected via paper and pencil or increasingly via electronic means, such as web-based patient diaries.

For many clinical trials, patient diaries are a crucial link in clinical trial success. Furthermore, when international clinical trials are involved, accurate translation of the patient diaries become essential for clinical integrity. The same is true in the US too, where many potential trial participants need translation to participate in studies. These people are left behind when many US trials are conducted as “English only.”

Experts in Translating Patient Diaries

With over 20 years of experience, Responsive Translation is a trusted provider of clinical trial translation services, including patient diary translation, in over 150 languages and dialects. We are certified for ISO 9001.

As a strategic partner, we customize workflows to meet clients’ budget and regulatory requirements. Our experienced medical translators and clinical subject matter experts ensure that you receive nothing but high-quality translation. Furthermore, our triple-check quality assurance process is one of the most rigorous in the business.

At Responsive Translation we pride ourselves on accurate, confidential and trouble-free translation. We provide a quality and satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients.

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