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Clinical Study Protocols Translation

Did you know that the easiest way to safeguard the integrity of a clinical study is through expert clinical protocol translation?

Clinical studies continue to contribute to pharmacological knowledge as well as effective medical treatments. Good clinical practice requires the use of protocols for clinical studies, but more and more often that means translation too.

Reasons to Translate Clinical Study Protocols

Properly translating clinical study protocols is essential for any clinical study or clinical trial that takes place abroad, even partially. Why? Even among researchers who speak English as a second language, they may not fully understand the technical information and details contained in a particular protocol. Researchers may overestimate their English-language reading comprehension skills, leading to misunderstandings of what they have read. This can become dangerous if not addressed by providing expert translation of clinical study protocols to local researchers.

In addition, in a number of jurisdictions, clinical studies are legally required to have the study protocol and other relevant documents translated for local researchers as well as the ethics committee members of each participating center.

Paying special attention to the health and safety of the subjects, protocols typically contain information about the study’s background, objectives and plan. This may include subject participation criteria, study design, schedules, the procedures involved, the medications and dosages involved, how efficacy and safety are assessed, ethics considerations and the end of the trial. No matter where they are located though, each participating center has a duty to follow the protocol.

Clinical study protocol translation helps ensure a study’s integrity from start to finish.

Expert Clinical Translation

While translations performed by inexperienced translators or by translators who are unfamiliar with clinical studies often require researchers to consult the original protocol or experience unnecessary delays, quality clinical study protocol translation actually saves time and increases the integrity of a study. Here’s how we know.

For more than 20 years, Responsive Translation has been providing expert translation, validation and review services in support of clinical studies and clinical trials of all sizes. We offer foreign-language accuracy and cultural expertise in over 150 languages and dialects.

Every day pharmaceutical companies and CROs depend on Responsive Translation. We use ISO 9001-certified processes, customized workflows and advanced terminology management together with a large network of specialized translators and subject matter experts to always deliver accurate clinical study translation to clients on time and within budget.

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