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Clinical Research Translation

When clinical research crosses borders or other language barriers, accurate and confidential clinical research translation becomes critical for good clinical practice, regulatory requirements and most importantly for subject safety and accuracy of clinical outcomes.

The Benefits of Translating Clinical Research Documents in Every Case

Effective communication is necessary in the clinical research process to advance the science and keep volunteers safer, every time. For best results, researchers and volunteers need access to relevant information in the language they understand best.

While many people speak English as a second language, people often overestimate their foreign-language comprehension skills, in some cases just for the chance to participate in a trial. Health literacy is often a struggle for people in their native language. And for second-language speakers, comprehension skills are typically even lower. These people need additional help in language that they understand.

Accurate translation makes it easier on researchers and volunteers, saving time and preventing unnecessary (and even deadly) errors. That means lots of regulatory attention too. Many jurisdictions require translations into the local language when clinical research and clinical trials take place within their borders.

Due to the importance and highly specialized nature of each clinical research project, however, not every translation provider is up to the task. For the best outcome, clinical research translation requires a veteran provider who understands your needs and has the expertise and deep bench to get the right team on the project.

Expert Clinical Services

Responsive Translation is an experienced and trusted provider of clinical translation, validation and review services. We have been delivering accurate, confidential translation and foreign-language services to pharmaceutical companies, CROs, hospitals and other compliance-intensive organizations for more than 20 years.

Our keys to quality, error-free translation include ISO 9001-certified processes, customized workflows, advanced terminology management, highly-specialized and highly-qualified translators, proven subject matter experts, experienced project managers and a love for what we do every day.

In fact, Responsive Translation guarantees each and every translation for accuracy and customer satisfaction. In 2016 we achieved an NPS score of 94, the highest among language service providers globally.

Are you ready for error-free clinical research translation?

Next Steps

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