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Strength in Testing Instrument and Survey Translation
September 16, 2014 - By: - In: Test and Assessment Translation - Comments Off on Strength in Testing Instrument and Survey Translation

Knowing your strengths is as applicable in your social life as it is in business; your strengths are what help propel you forward. And moving forward is where we want to be.

If you are reading this blog, you probably that know that 1-800-Translate is a full-service translation and localization services provider. We provide written document translation, telephone interpreting and localization services in over 200 different languages. However, you may or may not know that we are especially good when it comes to written translation for the healthcare and medical space. We have worked for numerous hospitals, medical device companies and public health agencies, and are well versed in the practices and expectations that the world of health and medicine have.

Yet, like recognizing your beauty without mentioning your intellect, it can be easy to box yourself in and not recognize your multiple strengths and talents. And so it is with us and testing instrument and survey translation. However, it is a secret no longer!

It is hard to keep quiet about something we are so passionate about and great at doing: testing instrument and survey translation. 1-800-Translate is proud to provide accurate, culturally-informed assessment translations that are designed to create a level playing field and obtain ideal testing outcomes – regardless of the language test takers speak. We do this for clients like Pearson, Aggreko and Perceptx. Throughout the process we advise on approaches that work for the resources at hand and build partnerships that lead to better translations and better assessments in foreign languages.

This is why we have created The Center for Testing and Assessment Translation. The center will allow us to better communicate with clients and further specialize in one of the things we do best: testing instrument and survey translation. So bring on more tests and surveys! We feel privileged to put our strengths to work for our clients every day.

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