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Trends in the World’s K-12 Test and Assessment Market
December 8, 2016 - By: - In: Test and Assessment Translation - Comments Off on Trends in the World’s K-12 Test and Assessment Market

Education represents an important investment around the globe for students, teachers, parents and government. But how do you know what students have learned and more importantly, what they haven’t? K-12 tests and assessments help educators answer those mission-critical questions.

The regular administration of tests and assessments is currently recognized as an important part of education. It provides benchmarks for student performance as well as opportunities for improvement. What are other factors likely to come up in the next five years or so?

The world’s K-12 test and assessment requirements are growing. This is linked to the use and expansion of educational technology and software. In the years ahead, however, growth will continue to vary by region. Each country’s educators will decide what tool kit is best for their students and teachers.

More growth ahead either way in non-English markets. Online testing and elearning will grow, providing new opportunities for educational software providers thinking outside the English box. Online testing will increasingly allow assessments to be administered and scored more efficiently than pen and paper assessments, and student progress to be better tracked, in addition to providing improved access for students with special needs in more and more languages every year.

The growth of elearning will allow more educational institutions to incorporate a variety of learning technologies and models into their curriculum. Especially in private institutions, there will be a growing emphasis on competency-based education. This helps make studying more flexible for learners.

Academic testing will continue to represent the largest part of the market, but non-academic testing for students will grow as well. This includes psychometric and cognitive testing for a truly global audience, regardless (or should I say regardful) of cultural differences.

Tests and assessments, in one form or another, will remain an important part of education around the world for the next few years. What do yout think about this? Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

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