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The Advantages of Using Educational Technology for Tests
February 1, 2017 - By: - In: Test and Assessment Translation - Comments Off on The Advantages of Using Educational Technology for Tests

Tests are an important learning tool for both students and teachers. They help diagnose what students have already learned and what they still need to learn.

Computerized testing has fewer limitations than its pen and paper counterparts though. I believe the use of educational technology can improve the testing experience for all.

Here are some of the benefits of using educational technology for tests.

Faster, Easier Grading and Performance Tracking

Educational technology cuts down on the amount of time need for test grading and administration. Depending on how a test is set up, grading can be instantly done by the system, made faster and easier for the teacher with a Learning Management System’s resources and tools, or a combination of the two.

Grades and feedback are centralized in one place. Want to know how someone is doing? Tracking the performance and progress of an individual, a whole class or even a whole school can be done with a few clicks. In addition, who has access to this information is quickly controlled through the LMS’s rights or permissions management.

Better Test Integrity

Using an LMS to administer a test, supported by a large item bank, helps ensure better test integrity than its pen and paper version. This is done by instantly randomizing the order of questions and answers, which cuts down on the possibilities of cheating, as well as makes test retakes more feasible for teachers and more equitable for students.

Quickly Adapt to Student Needs

Educational technology more easily allows teachers to provide customized learning and testing approaches. Systems can provide computerized adaptive testing, which adapts to a student’s ability level. Answers get progressively harder or easier depending on the student’s performance.

In addition, students who need language support can easily access the monolingual and/or bilingual materials made available to them. In this way, students who need language support are more likely to perform better on tests and participate more actively in their education.

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