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Now 1-800-Translate Is Responsive Translation
May 12, 2015 - By: - In: In the News / Awards - Comments Off on Now 1-800-Translate Is Responsive Translation

Responsive Translation is our new name for 1-800-Translate. Same team, same owners, brand new name.

The Internet has killed the telephone star. Those old 800-number associations of prompt, customer-focused service are now associated with princess phones and big hair. So ‘90s. And we are now so millenial. Most of our work consists of translation and translation validation solutions for medicine, technology and other high-compliance industries.

Our clients are now more interested in our quality assurance systems and validation processes than an easy-to-remember telephone number. Though easy to remember helps.

Hey, it was a good run, 1-800. And it’s a sad day as I turn our old grey brand out to pasture now that we’ve traded in our milk wagon service for all these new-fangled translation contraptions.

It brings a tear to my eye. Not because I’m so sad to see that old brand go. Heck, it’s just out there in the pasture. I’m crying over how hard it was to come up with a name to replace it.

Really we had no idea, even though we’ve checked oodles of brand names overseas for our clients. We thought picking our own would be a snap for pros like us. First, the staff came up dry, and nobody liked the names I came up with. So we sent out a call to our friends and customers, and so many that got back to us were super generous with their time and consideration, including some of our competitors.

My sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to share your branding insights with us.

As we worked on rebranding, our vision for the company changed too, so we finally decided to ask a professional branding service to act as sort of a tiebreaker for all the great ideas people shared with us. It took their help to understand what all our customers had been trying to tell us all along.

What clients value most is a quick response from proactive project managers with a job under control. You’ve been telling us that for years in our performance evaluations. “Responsive translation” is the name you all picked. A name we are proud to now own. Thanks.

Ken Clark

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