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Psychometric Test Translation

Are you looking for valid, reliable and equivalent translation for your psychometric test?

What Is a Psychometric Test?

Psychometric tests are a type of assessment instrument that prove practical for a variety of reasons. They can evaluate educational levels and academic achievement in areas like reading, writing and math, as well as measure abilities like verbal reasoning and spatial reasoning, personality, intelligence, and cognitive processes like memory and abstract thinking. Psychometric tests are administered by schools, universities, businesses, corporations and other organizations to gauge performance, suitability and behavior.

The Demands of Heterogeneous Test Takers on Psychometric Tests

With greater migration and globalization, psychometric tests are increasingly administered to test takers outside the cultural and linguistic group for which they were originally intended. Besides the language the test is given in, common areas of concern include the use of foreign expressions, acronyms, jargon, measurements and currency, which can cause a number of negative testing consequences if administrators are unprepared.

When a psychometric test is administered outside a homogeneous cultural and linguistic group, appropriate psychometric test translation and adaptation becomes vital, even if it is a highly complex task. Successful psychometric test translation depends on achieving all of the following: content validity, cultural relevance, conceptual equivalence, item equivalence and psychometric comparability.

These are the keys to preserving the integrity of your psychometric test, as well as creating a defensible process, achieving compliance, ensuring better comprehension and enjoying more accurate outcomes.

As specialists in test and assessment translation, Responsive Translation can help.

We Serve the Testing Industry

For more than 20 years, Responsive Translation has been supporting the testing industry and other high-stakes clients, providing translation, adaptation, validation and review services in more than 150 languages and dialects. What helps set us apart from other providers is our relevant experience and passion for quality.

Responsive Translation’s educational testing and assessment clients include ACT, Pearson and others, including state-wide standardized exams for Colorado, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Our training and talent assessment clients include IHG, P&G and others. All of our clients, however, have come to depend on our testing expertise and attention to quality.

Starting with ISO 9001 certified processes, Responsive Translation offers customized workflows, advanced terminology and memory management, and rigorous quality assurance to every client. Together with our teams of highly-qualified translators, editors and reviewers who specialize in test and assessment translation and the provision of specific steps like cognitive debriefing and subject matter expert review, we offer quality, reliability, equivalence and validity for every psychometric test translation we do. That’s why Responsive Translation guarantees every translation for accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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