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Human-Edited Machine Translation

Lower Your Translation Costs While Translating More Content in Less Time

If you’re expanding internationally, then chances are your customers, suppliers and even employees want information to be available in their own language. (Don’t you prefer to read in your own language too?) Yet with more and more content being created, there’s greater pressure to translate that information into more languages at the ever faster pace of global business.

How can an internationally-minded company possibly keep up with this demand – and its competitors – without breaking the bank?

Actually, it’s quite simple. Responsive Translation’s human-edited machine translation solution translates more content faster and at a lower cost. It’s the secret weapon for companies who are serious about being international.

Machine Fast But with a Human Touch

With recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, machine translation is better and cheaper than ever. However, it can’t rival the quality of human work just yet, which is where our top-notch machine translation posteditors come in.

Our posteditors are experienced human translators and editors who use their linguistic expertise and eagle-eyed editing skills. They improve machine translation output to give target audiences a higher-quality reading experience.

In other words, our human-edited machine translation provides you with the best of both worlds: the speed and cost of machine translation combined with the expertise of a human translator’s touch.

Scalable and Customizable

Human-edited machine translation is ideal for translating high volumes of text, including websites, documentation, manuals, reports, articles and other content.

Responsive Translation offers on-demand human-edited machine translation for any volume of text in many major language pairs and with additional language pairs coming soon. No setup is necessary. We just provide fast machine translation coupled with accurate postediting work whenever you need us.

However, if you’re looking for a more custom solution, especially if your company excels in a demanding field, then we’d love to help. Some of our custom services include:

  • Glossary creation for specific industries and languages
  • Secure integrations for greater efficiency

Human-Edited Machine Translation Services and Solutions

Do you want to reach international audiences faster and more successfully? Responsive Translation helps organizations make deeper connections with audiences around the world by combining the latest industry technology available with the highest-qualified linguists and our ISO 9001-certified processes.

For an on-demand quote, go to our online quote form, but for questions and custom quotes, please get in touch at 212-355-4455 ext 208 or

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