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May 17, 2012 - By: - In: In the News / Awards - Comments Off on Why We Write

I just want to feel pretty. Is that so wrong?

Every year the fans of this blog vote Translation Guy the best language blog in the Lexiophile Language Lovers contest, and every year we win the popular vote in all categories by significant margins.  But except for our Twitter win last year, we’re always the runner up,  since Lexiophiles considers other intangibles aside from readership in determining what’s best, no doubt in defense of the rectitude and stature of the translation business, which rivals the taxidermy industry in size and influence.

This makes me feel a bit like like  Judy Garland at the Oscars, which aside from the drug abuse and inappropriate sexual relationships, is not a good feeling at all. This lack of recognition might be because I have called  the  judges “punks” and “evil witch doctors,” which I had hoped would at least earn me the Miss Congeniality Award, but I keep getting Sandra Bullocked.

But win or lose, the interest that the Lexiophile guys are able to muster for their contest is good for traffic, and traffic is what TranslationGuy is all about, mostly.

Which means that this blog is about you, in a very broad traffic-y kind of way.  But what started as another marketing chore has been transformed to passion by your enthusiasm and support, thanks to the mystic chords that bind reader to even the most lowly of bloggers.   A writer is only as good as his audience, and you guys are great.   Thank you.

So I would like to take this opportunity to make a speech.

As I stand before you, my hair gone grey in the service of TranslationGuy,  with shaking hand I pull from my vest pocket both reading glasses and a treasured note, creased and greased with constant handling,  my first fan mail, received just last week, from Elizabeth Gschwind, age 11 (approximately).

“Ken, oh Ken! My coworkers came running to my office today to see why I was laughing so hard. So … if you ever wonder ‘do people actually read this thing?’ …. The answer is a resounding you betcha! It’s regularly the highlight of my day.”

Elizabeth’s feedback was definitely the highlight of my day too, so I responded immediately, telling little Elizabeth to keep her comments to the comments section since it was better for my link juice.

I regret that now.

What I should have said to Elizabeth and what I’m saying to all the rest of you “who actually read this thing,” or spend time on the Facebook thing, or follow the Twitter thing, is to please take a few clicks to vote for the father, son and holy ghost of what I like to call the  TranslationGuy “Trinity of Distraction.”  —This just in: Lexiophobia has left our Facebook page, (30,000 likes) off the nomination list again. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

To vote for TranslationGuy Blog, click here, scroll down and click the ‘Translation Guy Blog” radio button and then press submit

For the TranslationGuy Twitter Feed, click here, scroll down to the @Ken Clark radio button and then press submit at the bottom of the page.

More traffic is great, but the best thing about this contest is the chance it provides to reflect on my relationship with you all.  So I pause at the keyboard, just now,  and place my hand on my heart in gratitude to Elizabeth, and Wilber, and Anglia, and Stinker, to name just a few, and all you others who read in silence. I am grateful and honored that you chose to spend your time with me.

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