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The Changing Voice of Telephone Interpretation
October 26, 2009 - By: - In: Interpretation - Comments Off on The Changing Voice of Telephone Interpretation

The telephone, in some form or another, has been around for more than 100 years. But, over the years, the phone, and voice communication itself, have seen some significant changes. The development of wireless mobile communication revolutionized voice communication. No longer were we content to talk on the phone only from home – now most of us carry a phone wherever we go – and can’t imagine life without one. In fact, we now consider it a safety hazard to travel without a phone! And, we firmly believe that phones are necessary tools for our teens and even tweens (go Twitter!).

Of course, all this phone conversing has been great for the business of translation services. Interpreters everywhere have seen a great increase in marketability with so much conversation – continent to continent- going on.

This next phase of voice communication also looks to be interesting for the business of language interpretation. Voice to text and text back to voice is the next new trend in communication. Companies like Jott, which was recently acquired by Nuance, and other voice recognition software companies have made voice to text simple and reliable. Need to send an email? Speak it to your computer or mobile phone and it gets typed and sent.

Yap is another great package. It allows users to speak into their mobile phone and converts my spoken word into a text message. Since this is the only language my 16 year old son speaks, I find this program very convenient.

But, what happens when you need to send an email or other message to a colleague in Italy, whose English is poor?  Currently, if you’re sitting at your computer, you can speak the words in English, and then hit “translate” on a translation software program to translate it into Italian, before hitting send. Works fine when you’re at your desk. On the road, not so much.

So, translation services are about to see another increase in marketability – and exactly how it’s accomplished should be pretty interesting to watch. Technology has done a good job of simplifying voice to text – and back. Now if we can just get that in Italian, please.

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