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Needs analysis for assessment translation
Needs Analysis: Do Your Tests and Assessments Need to Be Translated?
June 17, 2015 - By: - In: Test and Assessment Translation - Comments Off on Needs Analysis: Do Your Tests and Assessments Need to Be Translated?

Not every test or assessment needs to be translated. Much depends on what the test is designed to do, the test’s content, the test’s audience and the goals related to the test’s future. However, when you want to reach a wider target audience, ensure full and fair involvement from a wide swathe of participants or satisfy a legal mandate for translation, then the answer on whether or not to translate is often a resounding yes.

Reach a Wider Target Audience

When it comes to tests and assessments that are mainly commercial in nature, such as certain professional certification exams, then having more people take those tests offers expanded opportunity and higher client satisfaction. Many potential test takers are rightfully reluctant to take a test that is given in a language that is not their native language. After all, that usually puts them at an automatic disadvantage. Translating an assessment into one or more languages allows your testing instrument to reach a much wider target audience with all the financial benefits that additional test takers can bring.

Full and Fair Participation

For tests, assessments and surveys where scientific rigor, academic integrity and/or advancements in medical research must prevail, counting on bigger sample sizes in a study and full and fair participation from subjects can mean the difference between success and failure. Translation allows studies to incorporate more participants. It also helps ensure that participants are fully and fairly involved in the process, which in turn increases a study’s accuracy.

A Legal Mandate

Depending on the legal jurisdiction and the test or assessment in question, there may actually be a legal mandate in place that requires you to translate the test. Chances are that if this is the case, then you are already aware of the obligation. However, periodically checking the specific current requirements for a legal mandate on the translation of your exam is always a good idea.

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