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Five More Reasons We Should Be Your Next Medical Device Translation Provider
June 23, 2016 - By: - In: Medical Device Translation - Comments Off on Five More Reasons We Should Be Your Next Medical Device Translation Provider

While we devote a lot of attention to assessment translation issues here on the blog, that’s not all we do. Not by a long shot. As a leading provider of high-stakes translation to compliance-intensive industries, medical device translation is also one of our main specialties. We’ve worked with Zimmer Biomet, Smith & Nephew, Celgene and many other life sciences companies.

We make it our job to help ensure the health, safety and market viability of your stakeholders through translation. Don’t believe it yet? Here are five more reasons we should be your next medical device translation provider:

Better Integration

We provide careful attention to every aspect of the workflow before translation begins. This means better integration of translations with labelling software for all of our medical device clients.

Better Communication

We provide a portal so our clients can check on project process, but most customers find our responsiveness much more valuable. Picking up the phone when you call, or prompt response to an email, is what our customers are really looking for and part of the reason why we are ranked first for customer satisfaction in the language services industry globally with an NPS score of 92% for 2015 as audited by the British Standards Institution.


When we put together a Statement of Work, we’ll define timelines that suit you and allow us to maintain quality control. We’ll tie performance to ISO 9001 to trigger investigations in the event that deadlines are missed. We’ve found that if we use automated systems to trigger Corrective or Preventive Action Investigations we get better team compliance.

We Help Keep You Current

Keeping glossary and translation memory current after validation changes requires an additional step after the job has been delivered for the first time. Distributor changes have to be incorporated into the three assets: memory, termbase and glossary. Sometimes harmonization of distributor changes is required when the translation team does not accept distributor claims. Even though these events are not that common in our own practice, by keeping these steps in our Statement of Work, dealing with these problems becomes normal rather than an extraordinary event. Also, we are big on working with the distributors to teach them how to edit us for better results. That’s been root cause for solving a lot of distributor problems.

No Nickel and Diming

No one likes to be sandbagged. We’ve found that sticking to our quotes, come hell or highwater, is the best way to satisfy our customers.

Want Even More Reasons?

If you’d like to discuss your specific needs for medical device translation, call me (Ken) at +1-212-355-4455 ext. 208.

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