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The True Meaning of International Translation Day 2015
September 23, 2015 - By: - In: Translation - Comments Off on The True Meaning of International Translation Day 2015

Why is International Translation Day such a snooze?

Some holidays on the calendar are recognized with plenty of fanfare, often involving eating, drinking and gifts. No wonder participation goes up exponentially. But other holidays get little more than a nod and a tweet. Unfortunately, International Translation Day often falls into the latter category, but it is time to change that.

If you’re a long-time reader, you may remember that Ken’s International Translation Day events in New York have involved barbeques, alcohol, fires, terminology games and even a Saint Jerome shaped piñata. But take our word for it, the holiday still has plenty of unfulfilled potential.

First, what is International Translation Day? The day is a celebration of translators and the translation profession as a whole. Since 1953 when the International Federation of Translators started to celebrate the day, International Translation Day always falls on September 30 – the feast day of Saint Jerome. Considered the patron saint of translators, Saint Jerome is known for translating the Bible into Latin.

Ready to celebrate? Here are some upcoming International Translation Day events:

The Colorado Translators Association is holding a series of happy hours in the Denver, Boulder, Western Slope and Colorado Springs areas. Raise a glass with fellow translators!

– While not actually held on September 30, the British Library’s all-day International Translation Day event on October 2 is most worthy of mention. It will bring together translators, publishers and other book-loving people for a series of workshops, seminars and sessions at the British Library in London.

– If travel is not your forte, is putting on a free virtual International Translation Day conference. They will offer a series of presentations and panel discussions of interest to translators.

Panel discussions and drinking is the kind of party-hearty behavior translators are infamous for. But observing International Translation Day just like it was any other day at work misses the point and the spirit of International Translation Day. So ask yourself, what will you do this year to celebrate the real meaning of Translators’ Day? We are looking for the kind of holiday activities that will make International Translation Day as much fun as the other holidays. That means no workshops. Looking for your great ideas.

P.S. This is not a vacation day, so everybody is expected to show up at work or else.

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