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Improve Your Recall Abilities By 20% with One Simple Trick
September 11, 2014 - By: - In: In the News / Awards, Language - Comments Off on Improve Your Recall Abilities By 20% with One Simple Trick

It turns out, talking to yourself is good for you! When you read something and then repeat it aloud, I mean, giving you the triple recall benefit of reading, speaking and hearing the important words.

A recent Times of Israel article highlighted research showing that children who repeated words while reading them, or being read to, significantly improved their recall abilities. The same is true for adults, although the results are typically not as spectacular as those seen in children.


Less dramatic results for adults does not mean there is no benefit, however. In fact, reading words aloud can help adults improve their recall abilities by 20 percent! That could mean 20% less time you might otherwise spend reviewing the same material because you forgot it.

When you are reading by yourself or you find yourself in understanding company, there is no reason not to repeat key words as you read them and get that extra recall boost. While that can be a Godsend for foreign language studying (Oui!), try it with anything from professional development reading to skill learning reading too. However, reading everything aloud is not a golden ticket; only read the most important words to get the maximum benefit. It turns out that cheating does not help either; mouthing or whispering the words does not provide the benefits of fully reading the important words aloud.


Back to talking about the little ones. Experts recommend that if you read a story or other material to your child, you take the time for pauses and ask the child to repeat some of the words. This will help the child more easily remember the story and its vocabulary, which ultimately helps him or her to read better.


Do you know of any other strategies to improve your recall abilities?

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