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Help Bring an Endangered Afghan Interpreter Home
January 6, 2015 - By: - In: In the News / Awards - Comments Off on Help Bring an Endangered Afghan Interpreter Home

Seth Carlson, a U.S. Marine who served in Afghanistan, is asking the U.S. to make good on the promise of rewarding and protecting those who helped soldiers like him fulfill their missions in Afghanistan.

Mustafa “Ricky” Orozgani, the Afghan interpreter who served with the Utah Marine’s unit and risked his own life in doing so, was denied asylum in the United States. Carlson has since started a petition with the aim of helping Ricky – his brother in arms – get an asylum visa approved. Carlson is hoping to get 5,000 signatures in support of Ricky’s asylum visa, but less than 4,000 people have signed the petition so far. The petition letter making his case is directed to the US Department of State, President Barack Obama and Utah State Senator Stephen Urquhart. Will you sign the petition too and show your support for bringing Ricky to safety?

In the past, we have talked about the plight of Afghan interpreters here on the blog. How during and after helping U.S. troops navigate life on the ground the Afghan interpreters are often in grave danger from the Taliban and others who do not approve of aiding U.S. troops.

Unfortunately, former Afghan interpreters like Ricky aren’t the only ones whose lives are at risk due to their important language work. Many more are at risk in different countries and settings around the world. You can learn more with Red T – an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the very real dangers translators and interpreters face. Ken Clark, 1-800-Translate’s CEO, serves on the Board at Red T and urges you to follow Red T’s Facebook page to find out more about the very real and dangerous situations numerous translators and interpreters face.

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