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Aren’t We Talking About the Same Color?
May 22, 2014 - By: - In: In the News / Awards, Language - Comments Off on Aren’t We Talking About the Same Color?

There is power in color. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a bright yellow, a neutral white or a faded pink, color has the ability to influence our perceptions. But exactly how is a matter of debate and research, according to a recent Entrepreneur article.

It starts with preferences. Both men and women prefer the color blue; however, men are more inclined to dislike the color brown while women are more inclined to dislike the color orange. People naturally respond to different colors depending on factors such as gender, culture, personal preference and past experiences. But when it comes to applying them to brands, colors aren’t insurmountable; they’re essential.

One of the ways brands most successfully express qualities about their products and services is by broadly playing off of color associations. Simply put, colors help brands create moods in the minds of consumers. This allows both financial and environmental companies to make judicious use of the color green. Or the color red to be associated with excitement and sophistication, as well as romance.

It isn’t just about finding a single key color though. In marketing, the power of color contrast can often lead to more sales conversions. Think of all those big red “Buy Now” buttons you have seen on websites that otherwise make little use of the color red; they were put there for a reason – to draw your eye and spur you on to the desired action.

However, language can be just as powerful as the color itself, researchers found: sometimes pitting what we call something (affecting how we perceive it) vs. what something is (the reality). Researchers found that subjects, even when shown the same color, preferred fancier and more creative names. “Mocha” was favored over “brown” and “razzmatazz” over “lemon yellow.” There’s a reason makeup and paint cans aren’t sold in Blue #1 and Blue #2. Color and language loom large in the minds of marketers and consumers alike.

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