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by Translation Guy on September 12, 2013

Happy Hangul Day From Translation Guy


  1. Wilber says:

    A beautiful youtube presentation, Ken. I found a chart of the Korean alphabet in an encyclopedia when I was 13 (by then I was a confirmed lifelong language and alphabet nut), but no instruction, so I assumed it was linear. Later I got a no-English Korean reader from Schoenhof’s and figured out how the syllables were put together. Ingenious! Unique among alphabets, and charming. But, like many other oddball lingos I’ve dabbled in, I set it aside and never pursued it further. No regrets.

    The South Koreans, as you know, held onto Chinese characters a long time while the North Koreans went whole-hog Hangul. Why can’t the Japanese do the same? Yes, I’ve heard some of the arguments. Similar to Chinese arguments.

    • admin says:

      I would have been lost in Japanese without the Kanji. It was the only way i could tell the words apart since they all sound pretty much the same otherwise.

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