Ten Seconds of Fame

by Translation Guy on June 11, 2012

Pity the translators, chained by commerce  to their keyboards, those who serve in silence, alone, unacknowledged, the only sound in their tomb-like workspace the clickity-clack of the keyboard and the tinny sound of Bon Jovi from the computer speakers.


To the unknown translator — who knows who you are? Who knows what you are doing? Must anonymity always be your lot?

I say, no! Every one of you deserves recognition. And now you will get it.

At last, the spotlight snakes its way across the darkened sound stage of your life and falls on you! It’s your chance to shine. It’s your chance to be a star!

Jost Zetzsche and Nataly Kelly, the authors of Found in Translation, are making a video — starring you! They believe that translators and interpreters deserve a viral video. So catch the fever, and help to create a video aimed at lifting up our profession and show off your work in the process!

It will only take a few minutes.  Record a brief (ten-seconds or so) digital video of yourself. If you’re a translator, hold up a sign that says, “I am a translator” in any language other than English. If you’re an interpreter, speak the words, “I am an interpreter” in any language other than English. Teams and groups welcome.

Jost and Nataly aren’t revealing their master plan for the video just yet, but they promise that you’ll want to send it to everyone you know. Their cinematic vision is that the video – and their book – will help shine a light on what we do as translators and interpreters.

Here is your chance. The lights are on you. You’ve memorized the script. You have your motivation. Break a leg, kid. You’re gonna be a star!

Visit xl8.in/video for instructions on filming and uploading your video. And don’t wait long – the deadline is July 1, 2012. And please help to spread the word.

Still hesitating? Motivational video provided below.



  1. Steve Craig says:

    Great post, thanks for spreading the word, i’ll definately give it a look.

  2. 我是一名翻譯, practicing my lines, think I got it.

  3. Not sure I’m going to take part in the project, but its a fun idea and than you for the Bon Jovi.

  4. You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman, continue the good fight.

  5. Andrea says:

    Bon Jovi? Really?

    • Ken says:

      I thought everyone liked Bon Jovi!

  6. S Ravindran says:

    Made my day, awesome.

  7. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Penny Lamb says:

    I’m not sure Bon Jovi is the best choice motivation wise, but thank you for the post anyways.

  9. Christian says:

    Finally some recognition, this is my big break, I can feel it.

  10. Thank you sir for helping you unappreciated have a moment to shine.

  11. Cassy says:

    Thanks for this very informative post. As a translator, I will definitely check it out.

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