Soccer vs. Football

by Translation Guy on July 7, 2010

You may have noticed that the World Cup was big this year in the US. I’ve never seen it bigger, at least not around Turtle Bay, I guess on account of all the Germans who seemed to fill every bar on Second Avenue at times. But it’s not just Germans; it’s a pretty international set in the neighborhood of the UN. It looks like the set of Star Fleet Academy when the UN is in session.  And all the aliens among us, legal or otherwise, love football, I mean soccer.

So that’s what you would expect here at Star Fleet, but it looks like the World Cup virus is crossing the quarantine into the homeland of American football.

Global brands like Nike have ridden the World Cup wave to global marketing mastery. (Nike scored big on the World Cup even without official sponsorship thanks to a killer viral video). For those who dream of larger market share, seeing international football get big States-side must have them tossing and turning.

Just one little problem for those brand masters with football: the football brand is taken. And I don’t think they are going to get it any time soon.

Not even with John Cleese’s appeal to reason, “Are you following this, America?”


  1. Great skit by John Cleese. Wonderful logic. So why not do the decent thing and call your national pastime “inter-ad ball”? Leaving football to those who actually use their feet.
    Interesting to note that my adopted language has a mottled approach to naming the two games. For real football (UK brand) it uses Fußball, for the brand invented across the big blue pond, the German term (wait for it, big drum roll to increase the suspense) is “American Football”.

    Still waving the flag :-) :-) :-)

  2. Scott Hail says:

    I’m not sure if that’s sarcasm…. But Spain was expected to win the World Cup this year… No surprise at the win over Germany… I would say Spain would win, but you never know, anything could happen.

  3. vickky says:

    This years World Cup has MANY surprises now! Germany LOST to freaking Spain!? NO WAY. Who do you think is going to win NOW?!

  4. Austin says:

    I’ve been playing fantasy football since 1990, so the details kinda run together. I’m not sure I ever have had a better draft than the very first one, an 8 team money league in which I somehow managed to draft Barry Sanders, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, and Andre Rison (remember him?). It was a keeper league, so I did pretty well for a good long while. Eventually, though, I did have the inevitable corrector bad season and was rewarded with a high draft pick, #2 or 3, I think…which I used to draft Trent Dilfer. (insert Charlie Brown wah-wah noise here) I’m in two leagues now, one a money league and one for free; I inherited the team I have in the former (one of my first keepers- Mike Vick), and it’s been a struggle to get it competitive. I’ve always said that fantasy football is 20% preparation and 80% luck anyway. PS AMERICAN FOOTBALL!

  5. Gary Moore says:

    i think the coach has to put marchena on center back with pique and put puyol on the left back. capdevilla can play as left midfield that way they can stop robben so the line up for spain: kasilyas pique marchena puyol ramos capdevilla bousqets x alonso xavi iniesta villia

  6. congratulations spain! they owned the game last night.

  7. Juan Honores says:

    but congrats to Germany! they played well in the world cup and i never was gonna belive that germany would give argentina such a beating! good luck spain and holland! now casilas or van bronckhorst will lift the trophy.

  8. Carles Puyol should have been MoM. It was a performance where he gave everything on both sides of the court: Solid defense and 2 attempts at goal. That header was inevitable. It was bound to happen for him. He wanted that ball, pushed himself, got it, and banged it home.

  9. Angel Queen says:

    I was sure Spain would defeat Germany. They have done their best. This is my team. Netherlands can win the final in there dreams. Nobody can stop the Matador’s cowboys.

  10. Johnson says:

    Now, we will have a new champion. Either the Netherlands or Spain. SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE!!!

  11. Ka Ora says:

    Go Espana! Suprising most, they defeated germany, can holland do the same on sunday?

  12. Germany didnt play well…tactically the approach was wrong against the Spaniards. Spain played well and deserved to win. Disappointed that ‘die Mannschaft’, having scored 8 goals in two games, couldnt get one in the net. Did the lack Mueller make a difference? I dont think so. Anyway – go Bayern Munchen for the 10/11 season!! 😉

  13. Franky says:

    Finally, Germany learned the importance of ball possession. But why do the Spaniards scored only one goal match after match? They played wonderfully, but the important thing is we can not expect Nether land will wait till they score in the final minutes.

  14. Forecaster says:

    The match was not good from a technical point of view because Germany spent all their energy against Argentina. Today they were a shadow and we could see what ” Furia espanola” was like. Cheers for Spain.

  15. Patricia says:

    holland vs spain,great final.both teams for the first world cup trophy.wesley sneijder vs david villa.

  16. tracker690 says:

    Germany had an awesome World Cup, it’s too bad they’re out now. They were the most impressive team I’ve seen in a long time. Very entertaining. Spain hasn’t impressed me all tournament. Torres has done nothing. After seeing the game, I’d say that Germany just had an off day.

  17. Frizzlsnits says:

    While some fans don’t know enough to appreciate the strategic beauty of this game I really loved it myself. Spain handcuffed Germany and didn’t allow them to play their game. I also liked the fact that it was a fairly clean match with no vicious tackles, no diving, etc. Congrats to both teams, on winning soccor / FootBall

  18. Idka says:

    Germany was lucky, the score could have easily been 4-1 for Spain. Spain deserved the win. They played the real game of soccer, Germany just sat around waiting for a counter attack…….boring play. Its amazing to see the difference in the foot skills and passing skills. The Spanish simply outclassed the Germans.

  19. Mike R says:

    Now this is what football is all about, this is how real football is played, congrats to both teams! Congrats to Spain, you guys are making history! :)

  20. Olivia Hussy says:

    Ive been a loyal BARCA FAN since the turn of the century and im glad that thanx to BARCA and a pinch of help from real madrid that SPAIN Is doing great in this world cup hopefully the magic the BARCA players have done doesnt end here!!

  21. Ryley says:

    spain has now knocked off two of the better teams in the tournment: germany and portugal. if either of these teams had been opposite the bracket they would have met in the finals. spain beats netherlands 2-0 but (in typical spanish style) controls the entire match and gets an easy win!!! & thats why its called soccor…

  22. Frizzlsnits says:

    Spain has advanced to their first FIFA World Cup Final, Carles Puyol’s 74th-minute header securing a deserved 1-0 victory over Germany in Durban & Puyol’s is selected as a MidFielder , good selection, no?

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