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by Translation Guy on February 24, 2011

Now that TranslationGuy is under new management, JJ has decided that we need a new look to increase readership. The circulation guys are saying that so far we are a “must read” for an audience of one, whose interest seems to be primarily in my editor’s misspellings. (Thanks for being there, Wilber.) Since typos as a circulation driver seems to be kind of an editorial dead-end, the powers that be have ditched attempts to improve content as hopeless and decided to go for a new look and feel that might make the site more appealing. Sort of like putting a new frock on an old whore. [Editor’s note: Works for me!]

So here are a couple of redesigns they have proposed. I think they are all the same, except in different colors, but I didn’t read them closely (I’m the writer here, not the reader…) That’s your job, so get off your keisters and tell us which you like best, or none of the above, if you have a better idea.

Any other better idea you have on how to make this blog better would be most gratefully appreciated. Looking forward to your comments. Hell, we may even take your advice. You never know…

Also, winner of the Get Lost in “Translation”! Award to be announced soon, along with an exclusive interview with the CEO for a follow-up on Word Lens, so stay tuned.


  1. BabsyBrown says:

    Brown’s easier on the eyes

  2. Ducky says:

    Wow, that brown design is hot Ken. When can we expect this amazing upgrade??!

  3. Martin says:

    There are some subtle differences here. Some that only a web designer can appreciate. Very good work though. I’m assuming that you didn’t create these designs mr. writer? :-)

    • Ken says:

      Well, I didn’t exactly create it. I guess you could say I was more like the visionairy, or muse. Seems like I do my best work when I’m signing someone’s paycheck.

  4. Olivia says:

    What can brown do for you?

  5. anglia says:

    Brown by far. It’s just easier on the eyes.

  6. Mr. Thug says:

    The blue is too “in your face”

  7. Lester Olson says:

    Brown by far. It’s just easier on the eyes.

  8. As a designer, I say brown.

  9. Skidmarks says:

    The blue doesn’t flow as nicely, go with the tan piece. It’s beautiful by the way.

  10. George says:

    LOVING the tan design.

  11. This beauty a whore? Tsk, tsk, Ken… this is my absolutely most favorite blog! I’m sure I’ll love the new butterfly, but my heart will always be with the little translationguy caterpillar :-)

    • Ken says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Teresa.

  12. William Fink says:

    Who’s your designer Ken. Do you mind letting me know? I’d like to use him/her. Thanks in advance.

    • Ken says:

      I honestly don’t know. But Vince can tell you. Check out socially infused.

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