JLaw Criticized at Golden Globes

JLaw Criticized at Golden Globes

by Translation Guy on February 8, 2016

English aid for second-language speakers or red carpet disrespect?

Hollywood stars shine showbiz light on second-language manners. Jennifer Lawrence recently made her mark on the language business when she snarked a foreign reporter for holding up a cell phone during a Golden Globes press conference recently. (The Golden Globe Awards is a ceremony hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.)

Critics say that her request to the journalist to put the phone down was unfair since he needed that text support to conduct the interview in his second language. Others say that he was taking pictures as he talked to the star and deserved to be slapped down for bad cell phone manners.

But others claim no harm, no foul since the correspondent seemed to accept it as good-natured ribbing.

As language apps proliferate, new conventions are required on how to use these tools politely. Common courtesy will emerge (or not) as the tools become more common. But that may not even be the case here, I have to admit. Fact is I’m a big Katniss fan and glamour in the language business is pretty thin on the ground, so I got to grab onto that red carpet when the opportunity presents.

Anyway, there’s in-depth coverage from E! on the exchange. You be the judge.

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